Hello! Im Gall and I want to help you learn how to draw. Many people believe that you cant learn anything in adulthood. Or they believe that there is a natural talent, and other, who want to draw, just wasting their time. But I can say that this is one of many a stereotype about art. Learning can be almost anything, at any age. I know grandmothers who do an excellent job with the computer, I’m sure you know them too. So why limit yourself? Age is not a problem, especially if you are not 90, but only 30 or 40.


Now a few words about the talent. Yes, there are people on the natural  talent. Similarly, as is the nature of the talented mathematicians, programmers, makeup artists and chefs, for example. But this doesn’t prevent us to pay in the store, use the Internet, use make-up and cook chicken. I mean, you don’t have to be the best artist in the world, enough to be as good as you pleased. You will be able to draw cards and pictures to your friends. The ability to create is the ability to make unique gift. So you can give with the present a part of your heart. You get a new kind of entertainment, if you know how to draw. It’s so nice — sit on the beach and paint the surrounding beauty. Drawing is meditation too. The creative process relax you and relieves the mind. Finally, it’s just a great feeling of victory over them. Yesterday I couldn’t, and now I can! And I can even more!

If you’ve always wanted to start drawing, then it is time to make the dream a reality. Contact me and we will go (facebook) on a journey into the world of colors and lines.


About Николай Помещенко

Working surveyer, fond of reading good books, petanque... Study political science, economic Геодезист, блогер, экономика, политология, петанк

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